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Just Because I'm Plastic

This week we wanted to take a step back in time, back to our college days. This photo series was a fun little project that we are still loving to this day and wanted to share it with you all. We follow Barbie as she goes through heartache and finds her way to happiness again. Check out the video below and let us know what it means to you! You can find our version of the story underneath, but we would love for you to come up with your own since everyone sees things differently!

The following are meant as captions for each image that we created when we made this into a photobook:

Just Because I'm Plastic...

You judge my every move.

You think I can't have family values.

You think I can't be in love.

You think it's okay to hurt me.

You think my heart can't break.

You think I can't cry.

You think I'm perfect.

You think I can't take risks.

You think that I can't care.

You think I can't find my calling; be a big sister or mother figure.

You think we can't have a good time.

You think we can't get hurt.

You think I can't get over him. You think I can't find someone new.

You think I can't try again.

You think it's too soon to say that it's love.

You think it's impossible to get along.

You think true love can't exist for someone like me.

You think we can't have fun.

You think I can't find happiness.

You thought we couldn't be a family. You thought lots of things. You thought wrong.

These are our thoughts on the story:

It seems that the story has developed into a bit of a metaphor when the captions are read. We take it to be that you can overcome anything you set your heart to, even if others don't believe so. Without the captions the story takes on a different but similar story. It follows the happenings of Barbie and her relationships with friends, family, and boys. She was so in love but ended up getting hurt when she found that she was being cheated on. This crushed her. She ended up finding happiness in a little girl who lost everything in a fire and it motivates her to get over her past and to move on. She realized that this girl has lost so much, but still smiles everyday and that's what she wanted to be. She found love again and completed her family.

We toyed with the idea of giving her a not-so happy ending, but decided that with all she's overcome, she deserves a happy one.

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