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Creation of "Nightmare"

Have you ever wondered what it took to create our photo series "Nightmare"? Well, look below to see.

To give a little backstory on this series, for those of you who don't know:

"Nightmare" was one of the first major composite series that we decided to tackle. Every single image is a composite, meaning that its made up of multiple photos to create the final piece. We decided to create a video showing all of the layers to each image. This will give you an idea as to how much work went into it. Some used more photographs than others, which you will see. The story line behind it is truly up to you. We have our version of the story but encourage all of our viewers to interpret as they wish. You'll notice you can create a story, but also that each image can stand on its own as well. This is something we love to do. The idea for "Nightmare" came when we were entertaining the idea of a dream series but wanted to change it up. Since Jaymie does not have dreams, but instead has nightmares almost daily, we decided to play off of this. We have also included a gallery of all the images if you would like to look at them, under the video. Let us know if there's any you woujld liek to purchase!

We are really excited to show you this and hope you enjoy the journey through each image! :D

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