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Allure Photography is an on location photography business that is owned and operated by Jen and Jaymie. Both have a love for photography and graduated with Bachelor Degrees from Paier College of Art, Inc.

For our "About Us" section we decided to change it up and write about eachother.

--Jaymie here! I've known Jen for a good 7 years now. She is the yin to my yang, the macaroni to my cheese, the peanut butter to my jelly... Gee I must be hungry. My point is, she balances me out. Jen takes some stunning photos that leave me in awe. She is really great in a studio setting, with lighting and posing, and just making you comfortable. She also knows how to bring it for on location shoots as well. We not only share a love of photography but also Harry Potter, chocolate milkshakes, and animals. Jen desperately wants a tortoise... maybe some day. But seriously, she is one of the greatest people I know and I'm glad to not only call her a friend, but my business partner.

--Hi I am Jen and I am going to tell you about my partner Jaymie. Jaymie was one of the first people I met when I started at Paier and spent months sitting next to each other in class before finally speaking. I admire her imagination and ability to bring her crazy (yet somewhat dark and twisty) fantasies to life in her elaborate composite photographs. I also love her attention to detail and her unique way of capturing detail shots, especially at a wedding which really adds to the memories of anyone's special day. We have spent many long nights into early mornings sitting on her apartment floor coming up with ideas to make our dream of sharing our photography and capturing peoples precious memories a reality... although we often get side tracked playing with her kitties. oops. She is the only one crazy enough to go on this adventure with me and I cant wait to see where it goes.

And that's us in a tortoise-shell ladies and gents. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries, through our contact tab above. :)

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